Terms & Conditions

Youbuy Holdings, including Youbuy & Noodietoys  are intended for adult only so if you are using our websites / services you are considered an adult. In the most of the Counties this means that you are over 18 y.o. but you need always to refer to your country's regulation. 

All the models used in this website are over 18 y.o. and we are against any pornography and any other explicit act that may offend other people sensibility even if it is not against any Law.

Consider also that in somes countries is against the Law to show nudity and purchase / use sex toys or adult's products. So if you are buying make sure you can do it and it isn't against your local Law. You are fully responsible when you placing an order.

We are not responsible for the improper use of our products, most of our products are sold as adult novelties so we are not responsible if the improper use of them may cause injury to you or others.

We do our best to protect your privacy and all our parcels are marked as gift and the packaging is 100% discreet without any brand, business name or product's info but you have to keep in mind that every countries custom officers have the power to stop and search any parcels entering the Country. In the most of the case these are routine check and apart from a slight delay there is nothing to wary about. However keep in mind that we do not have any power to avoid this random checks.