The well known Spanish Fly Drops will increase your or your partner sexual desire.

Simply put a few drops in your drink as directed on the packaging and prepare to make love like never before!

How does the Spanish fly works and what is it?

The Original Hot Passion Spanish Fly from Cobeco Pharmaceuticals is created to Increase Sexual Enhancement, is an amazing formulated chemical Aphrodisiac composition that was many years ago originally extracted directly from the Spanish beetle.

The male beetle uses this chemical to sexually seduce females into having sex with him. Adult beetles feed on leaves of ash, lilac, amur privet and white willow trees. The beetles live in scrublands and woods throughout southern Europe and eastward to Central Asia and within Siberia.
The main toxic element of the then Spanish Fly beetle species was Cantharidin, the principal irritant in Spanish fly, which was first isolated and named in 1810 by Pierre Robiquet, who was a French Chemist living in Paris, from Lytta vesicatoria. Pierre Robiquet demonstrated that Cantharidin was the actual sole principle responsible for the aggressive blistering properties of the coating of the beetle eggs, and quickly established that cantharidin had very definite toxic and poisonous properties comparable in degree to that of the most violent poisons known in the 19th century, such as strychnine.

As we may all know, Cantharidin, a terpenoid, is produced by various insect species. The body of the beetle contains up to 5% cantharidin.
This same Aphrodisiac chemical known as Spanish fly Liquid is now safely reproduced under strict guidelines in the laboratory at highly concentrated levels without any side effects and is non toxic.

It increases arousal, sexual enhancement and sexual stimulus. It greatly improves the desire towards sexual activity and thus improving your self being. The woman will positively feel a dramatic effect of an overwhelming urge and greatly increased state of Arousal, Sexual Stamina, Desire and Sexual Sensation.


15 ml bottle


You / your partner only needs few drops. It is odorless and tasteless so add anywhere you want. You will find the intake instructions and dose on the bottle.
Top quality by Cobeco Pharma®

Material Contains also L-arginine and vitamin C.
Size 15 ml

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♥ Hot Passion Spanish Fly drops ♥

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